Theta foods

Luxury and design in Gastronomy

When luxury meets natural production and creativity meets taste, brands like Theta Foods are founded. 

theta-honey with roses-130gr

Honey with roses – 

A very interesting combination of the sweetness of the honey with the elegance of the rose petals. Honey from wild flowers combined with edible rose petals, create a very sensational outcome full of pleasure.

theta mastic

Honey with Chios Mastic – 

Another fine combination of two sweet, natural productions from the lands of Chios and Lesvos. The authentic raw honey of Mytilini with the one-of-a-kind mastic tear from Chios, both famous of their natural sweetness and their positive contribution to our health.

theta-raw thyme honey-330gr

Raw Thyme Honey 

With high antioxidant activity and intense taste and aroma, thyme honey is a natural delicacy found in the Mediterranean sea with proven value for our body and soul. 


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