The Uncomfortable

An object collection different than the others….

The Uncomfortable :

Deliberately inconventient everyday objects. A series of unconventional objects for unvonventional people.

The Hoop Chair

Katerina Kamprani – 

Katerina is a young designer from Greece, who after failing to finish her studies decided to apply her talent and knowledge on an object collection with only one thing in mind: making the functional unfunctional! And another one in mind: causing laughter with her creations. 

The uncomfortable boots – 

Is there a better choice of shoes for a rainy and moody day? 

The uncomfortable mug – 

When a simple cup of tea can become challenging…

The uncomfortable door

The uncomfortable entrance – 

Her imagination is undoubted, Katerina’s 3D visualizations are a collection of funny, cool and subversive images with the mission to make us laugh and deliberate on the functionality of the things that surround us. Only one little detail can destroy the performance of an established system.


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