Oinos Liastos

Sweet wine from the island of Limnos

A natural sweet white wine coming from the beautiful island of Lemnos in the Northern Aegean sea. 

Oinos Liastos

Oinos Liastos – 

Aged for six years, this naturally sweet wine from Lemnos island is a unique case in the Greek wine production. The climate of the island in combination with the volcanic soil, create a uniquely strong aroma in this Muscat of Alexandria. With the grapes being exposed and naturally hydrated for eight days under the sun, Liastos gets a sweet yet complicated character and a fine deep amber color.

Oinos Liastos

The bottle – 

No labels and the use of silk screen printing technique, were applied on a handpicked bottle in order to give prominence to this beautiful deep color of the wine itself. The sun and a wine of glass are the elements of the main visual with a reference from the Alan Fletchers' illustration “Glass of Beaujolais”.

Oinos Liastos Limnou

Wine’s characteristics:

Variety: Muscat of Alexandria 100%

Serving temperature 8 °C

Alcohol: 15,5% VOL


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