Fine silk scarves from a fashion start-up

A fashion start-up from the province of Greece produces a collection of sophisticated silk scarves with the signature of contemporary designers.



Based in a beautiful city named Kavala, in the north of Greece, a group of talented people decided to create a new fashion accessory by printing the work of independent Greek designers on fine silk of superior quality.

Aegean silk scarf

Aegean silk scarf

Africa Scarf

Africa Scarf

Aegean silk scarf by the sea


Produced in a small provincial city at the edge of Greece, named Soufli, the silk used for the scarves is one of Greece's exceptional products. 

Africa 70×200


Graphic designers, photographers and ceramists, some famous and some not, all have contributed in the beautiful collection of Mantility. 


Founded by a charismatic woman named Vassiliki-Zafeiria Ypsilanti, MANTILITY is the collaborative creation of a group of friends, with passion for Art and Design, and a dream to create an eclectic online gallery of scarves with prints of independent designers in accessible prices. After years of planning and hard work, the dream came true and nowadays a fine, colorful collection is ready for you to purchase. 


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