Kontaki Design

Unconventional living furniture

Kontaki Design is the unconventional brand of the unconventional Spiros Kontakis. After working as a musician, decided to channel his creativity into a different field, the one of furniture design. 

Tea Cutler

Conical Tea Cutler – 

Conical and rebellious. This state-of-the-art tea cutler is a unique piece, luxurious yet unconventional, modern yet timeless. It even grabbed the attention of Hollywood, since is appeared in a scene of Skyfall! Made of materials, like bronze chrome and plated bronze, this beautiful piece is created for people who love luxury, originality and tea…

Popeye lighting
Mini Popeye lighting

Mini Popeye Lighting – 

Pop Art and Popeye the sailorman, these are the sources of inspiration for this piece of floor/table lighting. With the curiosity of an explorer and the meticulousness of an examiner on his mind, Spiros created another fine yet particular piece for the creative ones.

Chairman in crisis
By Kontaki Design

Chairman in crisis –

It’s easy to understand the reason why this name was given to this special creation! The favorite word of last decade was the source of inspiration for this creation from Spiros Kontakis. Made of bronze chrome, leather and teak wood, this particular handmade piece is addressed to people with a special and uncommon sense of taste, hopefully not in crisis themselves!


Bottlefly Mary – 

Troleys for summertime cocktails outdoors, or winter cozy drinks indoors. Rumbling around with grace, this particular product can attribute a sense of coolness in every space.