Traditional elegance from Crete

Combining traditional methods of production with modern patterns on fine fabrics was the idea behind a Cretan fashion brand dedicated to promoting the sustainable art of weaving in fashion.

Pasiphae Dress


The minoan culture, emblematic in the Cretan island, had a strong impact on every dimension of Cretan life, the way of getting dressed as well. Light fabrics to bear the heat, intense colors to decorate themselves – the ancient Greeks loved bright colors on their garments –  and a traditional loom as a way of production, constitute the pillars of this particular brand. 

Milatos Dress

Milatos Dress

Milatos Dress

Milatos Dress

Strong colors, intense decorative patterns, inspired by the rich Cretan history and ethereal hand woven fabrics create a sense of effortless sophistication. Women of the villages are recruited in order to produce each collection and give life to their traditional art, a very old traditional art famous in Crete since antiquity, nowadays about to become extinct. 

Arsinoe Dress


Contrary to the modern industrialized ways of fabric production, the art of weaving using the loom produces unique pieces of garment, fine, durable and resistant. Only a few spots on Western civilization still use this way of production, Crete being one of them. Clotho is the best version of it…

Founded by a woman from Thessaloniki, that fell in love with the the island of Crete – and not only! – Klotho is a particular fashion brand 4-years old. During a visit in Crete she encountered the art of weaving from traditional women of the region and she immediately saw the potential for her next step in life. Her studies in Fashion Design helped, of course, in the creation of an interesting approach in the forms and layouts of the collections and the combination with this rare production of clothing created a unique and sustainable fashion brand that keeps expanding.