It’s all Greek on Me

It’s All Greek On Me is a summer-oriented fashion brand from beautiful Thessaloniki, that combines tradition with contemporary design on fine materials.

It’s All Greek On Me

Geometric designs, fine materials and a very interesting combination of contemporary and modern motives, are the basic elements of the accessories line of the brand. Traditional motives on canvas, linen, leather create beautiful clutches and beach bags, ideal for stylish summer life. 

Summer Accessories – 

Burlap, traditional patterns and a lot of talent, create a collection of very fancy yet sophisticated accessories carefully handcrafted in the beautiful city of Thessaloniki.

A beautiful piece of the brand, the Thiro silk thread embroidered robe, is a fine summer piece designed for any time and place during a shiny mediterranean summer day.

Thiros Caftan
Ergani Caftan

Ergani Caftan is a minimal silk thread emboidered design with patching tassel belt and white details, an elegant choice for long summer days and nights.

Agathoklia in ancient Greek civilization was the woman with good reputation! This long summer caftan made of fine cotton, always embracing the tradition in an elegant way, addresses women who know how to hold this reputation!