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Trying to heal the wounds of the pandemic, LaMedusa introduces a new sector of wellbeing and wellness with suggestions for places to visit and things to do around Greece that can make us feel better, explore new regions, taste new gastronomic treasures, meet beautiful people and try new activities. Being conscious of the psycological effects that the pandemic has had on all of us, now it is crucial more than ever to take good care of ourselves and our beloved ones by coming again in touch with our inner and our surrounding world. 

Our first suggestion, an eco-friendly hotel in the heart of the Northern part of Greece, Agramada hotel is an alternative destination for restless people who love new experiences. 

Ideally situated into the woods, between two villages in Chalkidiki, the treehouse of Agramada is an alternative wellness solution for people who love exploring natural landscapes, coziness and philosophical adventures. The place offers access to some marvellous beaches of Chalkidiki with their crystal waters and the beautiful coastline, combined with some challenging hiking trails in the mountain of Cholomontas. 

agramada nature

In great proximity one can also visit the famous monastery of Athos and experience the monastic life together with the monks. Finally, for people with archaeological interests, close to the accomodation one can visit the science park of the great philosopher Aristotle, where through interactive games we can come closer to the genius and the work of one of the greatest minds on Earth. 

Part of the daily pleasures offered during a stay at Agramada is the breakfast that includes only fresh and handmade products, an ideal starter for a day full of interesting activities for the body and the mind. 

Enjoy a stay full of nature, piece, healthy food, kindness and knowledge.

Three young well-educated and ambitious adults are behind the project of Agramada. They tried to combine their knowledge in fields like engineering, management, financials and hospitality. Their creation is an authentic, fully sustainable, alternative holiday idea for every time of the year, for curious explorers of the world in search of experiences and knowledge.


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