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This site aims to showcase the work of talented designers and producers from Greece and combine it with unique experiences offered in this country. In our challenging time where our health and our senses are under threat, we wish to preserve creativity, heritage, local craftsmanship, taste and wellness and forge a digital path towards people who search their way towards their eudaimonia. 



A collection of fashion local craftsmanship from brands that wish to celebrate Greek cultural heritage with elegance sustainable ways of production.

Trying to meet the needs of modern consumers who ask for originality, sustainability and aesthetic pleasure, inspired designers from all over the country work hard to sustain their business and develop their creativity. With passion and care for what they do, they try to preserve traditional ways of production and use only healthy and fine fabrics to create collections for conscious consumers.


Design is about creativity and function. Moreover is about personal expression and curation of our daily life.

One-of-a-kind object designers with interesting views regarding aesthetics, sophisticated and useful, challenging the limits of utility. Even though Greece is not a country famous of its design heritage, nowadays things are changing and local craftsmanship co-exist with more sophisticated urban approaches. 


Famous of its gastronomic culture, this country proudly produces gastronomic treasures on every corner, both in the continental part and its beautiful islands.

Nutrition is an essential element of our well-being and in gastronomy, Greece offers a variety of choices to please both the eye and the palate. A great collection of fine organic products for people who believe in the importance of nutrition and in gastronomic pleasure. 

Having sustainable innovation, quality and aesthetics as our pillars we wish to carefully select the companies and people that follow them and bring their goods at your disposal.


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