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This site aims to showcase the unique work of talented and particular designers and producers from allover Greece. 



Fashion brands and fashion start-ups dressing up the modern woman of our times.

Fashion start-ups from small provincial cities of Greece co-exist with mature fashion brands, with certain things in common: sustainable innovation, particular aesthetics, small but dynamic businesses.


Design is all about creativity. Here is the proof.

One-of-a-kind object designers with interesting views regarding aesthetics, sophisticated and useful, challenging the limits of utility.


Famous of its gastronomic culture, this country is proud to produce gastronomic goods of excellent quality.

Companies that try to please the eye apart from the palate. Provincial or urban, young or mature, they all have in common excellence in taste and … taste!

Having sustainable innovation, quality and aesthetics as our pillars we wish to carefully select the companies that follow them and bring their goods directly at your door. 


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